The Ceremony

Your wedding ceremony and vows reflect the uniqueness of your relationship.  It captures the celebration of your love which has brought the two of you to this special moment in your lives.  It is my desire to work with you to create a memorable wedding ceremony.  I strive to incorporate the significant points in your lives as well as your love, beliefs, and values.  I will help you translate your innermost thoughts and deepest feelings into words that will express to your partner and to all who witness the ceremony exactly what your heart feels.

I am an ordained and licensed non-denominational minister serving Georgia and the surrounding states.  I am legally recognized to officiate at all types of clergy functions.  I am a professional officiant who is trusted by all backgrounds to perform their ceremony with dignity, whether it is traditional or non-traditional.  I have an uplifting personality that everyone appreciates on such an important day.

I create your ceremony with you so that it is a personal expression of your love and spiritual beliefs.  All faiths are welcome, and each ceremony will be customized to your desires.  You may choose from and customize one of many prewritten ceremonies, write your own, or I will write one just for you.  I can also provide ceremony music if you desire.  Since this is your wedding, it should include all the aspects of the ceremony that are meaningful to you.

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w Inter/Non-denominational Ceremonies

w Intercultural Ceremonies w Nature/Adventurous Ceremonies
w Culture Specific Ceremonies w Renewal of Vows